South Shore Marine, LLC
Marine Surveying and On Water Boat Delivery


Surveys and Boat Deliveries

  1. Reliable on-time delivery
    Reliable on-time delivery
    Your boats are transported by experienced drivers.
  2. Experience with large cruisers and sport yachts
    Experience with large cruisers and sport yachts
    A detailed float plan is documented and followed to insure a safe trip and safe arrival.
  3. Out-drives/in-board/out-boards
    Complete out of water inspection of the hull and propulsion equipment.
  4. Cockpit equipment
    Cockpit equipment
    All cockpit equipment and gauges will be tested and verified to be in proper working condition.
  5. Engine compartment
    Engine compartment
    A complete walk-thru of the engine compartment equipment and apparatus will be performed and documented.
  6. Galley and cabins
    Galley and cabins
    All galley and cabin equipment will be tested to ensure it is working properly.